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I’m Gerry Black, a multiplayer musician, and an experienced sound engineer. I create music for more than a decade now, my work has been featured on a variety of projects that include online campaigns, TV/RADIO advertisements, mobile apps and short films.

My music education began at the age of 9, learning to drum with David Rich for three years. At the age of 13 I started playing the Guitar and soon enough joined some local bands playing as a guitar player and a drummer.

After playing and performing several music genres from rock n’ roll to jazz music, I was driven to explore the world of sound engineering and production. At the year of 2002, I started my first home studio at my parent’s house garage, recording and mixing my own music compositions.

My music career started to take off as a fulltime films and TV commercials music producer while building my private studio, equipped with professional gear. Playing, composing, recording and mixing for known companies like Toyota, SAP, Oracle, Bosch, LifeWorks, Pioneer, Sky TV, and many others.

In 2016 I founded Gerrymusic.com as an online royalty free music library. Selling my music productions to video makers, YouTubers, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Companies of all sizes, from all over the world.

I do hope my music will be helpful for you in creating better videos to promote your business.


– Studio Gear –


ATC scm25A Monitors

Yamaha NS10 Monitors

Auratone C5 Monitors

Computer & Software

Mac Pro

Protools 12

UAD plugins

Preamps & Effects

Api 5500 Stereo EQ

Universal Audio 1176 Limiters

Universal Audio LA3A Limiter

Teletronix LA2A Limiter

Crane Song Trakker Compressor

Thermionic Culture-Vulture Mastering Distortion

Dbx 160A Compressor

Retro STA-LVL Compressor

SSL 8- Channel summing mixer

Brcasti M7 Reverb

Lexicon Pcm91 Reverb

Eventide H7600

Roland SRV300 Reverb

Apogee Rosetta 800 Converter

Music Instruments

Norman st40 acoustic guitar

Fender strat electric guitar

Gibson standard Les Paul

Fender precision bass guitar

Kanila ukulele

Auto master piano

Nord Electric piano

DW drums