Royalty free christmas song

If you’re looking for the perfect tune to encapsulate the holiday season in your video, go with “Merry Christmas” by Gerry Black. It’s the perfect Christmas song that makes you feel like you’re listening to one of the classics. Listen to Merry Christmas song A Brief History of Holiday Music One of the most well-known […]

Corporate Background Music

What Is Corporate Music? Have you ever watched an instructional or training video at a new job or business seminar? Maybe you’ve seen a sales pitch for products or services that benefit an office setting? Or perhaps you are familiar with videos that display the benefits and function of an innovative new product? If you’ve […]

Self-made animated video pros & cons

Self-made animation video – Is it really possible to create an high-impact messages with beautiful visuals by yourself? Marketing online for your brand or business can be challenging to say the least. It’s hard to find unique and creative ways to reach your audience and deliver your message that stands out from the crowd and all […]

Background music – Bring out the story

Choosing the right background music for your video project goes a long way in determining the success of the video. Music plays a key role of complementing the story. With the right music background, achieving the objective of the project becomes easier. In addition, a good musical background will ensure the audience is engaged thus […]