What Is Corporate Music?

Have you ever watched an instructional or training video at a new job or business seminar? Maybe you’ve seen a sales pitch for products or services that benefit an office setting? Or perhaps you are familiar with videos that display the benefits and function of an innovative new product?

If you’ve seen any of these kinds of videos, chances are you’ve heard corporate music. Corporate music accompanies videos that are targeted at businesses, corporations or office environments. Usually it is upbeat, clean, fresh, and subtle so that the message of the video can shine through without being over powered. It usually isn’t emotional or orchestral, but can sometimes be inspiring and will swell near the end to instill a feeling of success in the listener. Corporate music usually features an array of instruments like drums, deep bass, piano, mute guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and sweep effects.

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What Types of Videos Should You Use Corporate Music?

Corporate music doesn’t just have to accompany office-type videos, but is best suited for that environment and mindset. Typically corporate music best complements videos such as online commercials, broadcast commercials, company profiles, training or instructional videos, sales pitches, and product videos. In all of these videos, the audience is engaged by a central business or marketing-focused message. If there is a story to the video, it involves a product, service, or company as opposed to an individual.

How to supercharge your video with the right background music

If you are considering using corporate music in your video, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want my target audience to feel? If you want them to feel cheerful, hopeful and inspired, you should use corporate royalty free music.
  • What kind of story am I trying to tell in my video? If you are distributing information and facts, or telling the story of a product or company, you should use corporate music.
  • At what point in my video should I use a motivational music track? If you need a simple music track throughout the entire video or if you need to show a simple process, you should use corporate background music here.

What is the benefit of using royalty free corporate music?

There is a lot of music out there that may fit the tone and style of your video. But royalty free music is perfect if you do not want to pay for the license to use your music. You can find great quality background music for free that will provide an inspirational and uplifting mood to your video. You can use royalty free corporate music in YouTube videos, for your business website, or in presentations that you show people directly.

Many tracks have a flow that might start off confidently build up to a feeling of success. This is beneficial over a simple track that loops over and over because it can accompany the feeling of your story. Corporate music is perfect for presentations, marketing videos, tutorials and a wide array of Youtube videos.

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