Videomakers who use their video for personal, business, or marketing reasons can’t always take all the raw footage they need for a video. Getting a videographer and equipment, scouting locations, hiring actors…

it’s all a huge undertaking that can take a huge budget and an immense amount of time. Luckily, as a videomaker, there is the option of downloading stock photography and video from the internet. There is a huge variety of types, genres, and moods to choose from to make your video complete.

For video makers, who want to spend time on editing and story and not on creating the video themselves, finding good stock video can be a life-saver. Even if your video is mostly text or mostly one person speaking, it’s great to intercut those pieces with beautiful sweeping nature shots or video clips of happy people hard at work.No matter what you’re working on, stock video can make your video feel compelte. Let’s look at some of the best sites for downloading royalty free stock video.

Best Royalty Free Stock Video Sites

  1. Mazwai is fantastic for finding high definition video. There are tons of different types of videos shot by different people so you are always going to find something different and interesting with Mazwai.
  2. Pexels Videos has completely free high def stock video that you can use for whatever you like. Their most popular categories include mountains, industry, food, cars, and animals.
  3. Vimeo is an authority on online video, second only to YouTube itself. But did you know you could get free HD stock footage from some of Vimeo’s best? All clips are free for any production you need them for, from a graveyard cemetery to abstract bokeh lighting.
  4. Coverr has free beautiful videos that are great for background or your website’s homepage. They upload 7 new videos every Monday, so once a week you’re sure to find something new and fresh.
  5. Fancy Footage Club is a membership that sends you 5 royalty free videos straight to your email inbox once a month. They are beautiful and loop perfectly so you can use them as a background for your videos.

Why Choose Royalty Free Stock Video?

No matter what you’re looking for, start off by checking out the above sites. Why? Not only because their videos are beautiful and high quality, but because they are royalty free! Royalty free is great way to go because it saves you money and gives you some of the most unique video content on the web.

If you need some fingers typing, some grass blowing in the breeze or an active city, why pay enormous licensing fees for a clip that is seen on every other marketing video across the world? Instead, choose a royalty free clip that no one has ever seen before. This is great if you’re a startup or small business because the quality of your videos will sky rocket – people will think you hired an expensive videography team when all you did was click a button!

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