The five Best free stock videos sites

Videomakers who use their video for personal, business, or marketing reasons can’t always take all the raw footage they need for a video. Getting a videographer and equipment, scouting locations, hiring actors… it’s all a huge undertaking that can take a huge budget and an immense amount of time. Luckily, as a videomaker, there is […]

Royalty free stock images for videomakers

Anyone who publishes creative content on the web knows that imagery is everything. From blog posts to videos to advertising, you need compelling and beautiful images to grab and keep your audience’s attention. Royalty free stock images are your best choice for this kind of work. Royalty free means you don’t have to pay the […]

Self-made animated video pros & cons

Self-made animation video – Is it really possible to create an high-impact messages with beautiful visuals by yourself? Marketing online for your brand or business can be challenging to say the least. It’s hard to find unique and creative ways to reach your audience and deliver your message that stands out from the crowd and all […]