Promotional videos are one of the best ways you can get your message out. No matter what size your business is currently, online video is extremely popular with consumers and you can use it to build your business, giving consumers an idea of who you are and why they should work with you.

Without a large video production team to help you, creating a short promotional video can seem like a daunting task. Video production can seem complicated, but with some simple points and by understanding the essentials, you can make your own short promotional video with ease.


Tell A Story

When writing your video, make sure you are able to tell a story. Stories are the whole reason we love watching videos and reading books. This doesn’t mean come up with an elaborate narrative, but find a way to show process from one point to another.

For example, you may want to show the story of how your company was founded all the way up until today. Maybe focus on the production of a single product or show the process you go through with each client to ensure customer satisfaction. Showing random shots of your employees or products with no linear connection can make viewers feel lost and isn’t likely to keep their attention for long. Wanting to see how it ends can keep someone engaged much longer.

Show Examples

Don’t be vague in your promotional video. Show real world examples of problems and solutions your company faces, of real products being made and sold, or of real employees at work with real customers. If possible, get clients involved to give testimonials, highlighting the benefits of working with you.

Think about all the commercials for the brands you love and respect. They all include people (actors, usually) using the product or service. They may include hard facts and statistics about why their product is better than the competition. With your promotional video, it’s essential to provide examples of why you are the better choice.


The great thing about video is that you can cut it together however you want in order to hide mistakes and increase the flow. If you only have one camera, this idea will come in handy time and time again. If you are interviewing someone and they mess up, you can intercut other shots over it.

You should get plenty of establishing shots of your facility or office, of people working, of your product in action… that way if you ever need to cut away because your shot, you have something good to show. Good editing is important because it makes the quality of the video seem more professional. A long shot of one person or thing can tire the eyes and make it harder for viewers to remain engaged.

Professional Equipment

If you’re going to start making promotional videos, you should invest in decent equipment. Anyone can record on their smartphone and edit in iMovie, but you can do better. A good DSLR doesn’t need to be top of the line; there are many basic, economical choices that still shoot great video. Good lighting and sound equipment can help make all the difference to the professionalism and clarity of your video as well.

The Sound and Music

Buying good sound equipment is only part of the battle for achieving great sound. You need to pick royalty free music that reflects the tone and feel of your video. Good music can create an emotional connection for the viewer, forcing them to take note and commit your message to memory. Try tracks like Inspiring Journey or We Made It, which are upbeat and inspiring, yet calm enough to fit a corporate-type video.

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