If you work with music copyrights and advertising, you’re probably familiar with AdRev. If you’re just beginning to work in this industry, you’ll need to be thoroughly familiar with AdRev. AdRev is a company in California, USA that allows music copyright owners to receive a piece of the ad revenue gets a share of advertising money that is earned by showing ads before or beside YouTube videos that use their music without permission or a license. If you use music that you have not paid for or received permission to use, you will hear from AdRev.

Can I keep my Youtube monetization over my videos?

Almost anyone can keep the monetization they earn through YouTube videos. You just have to make sure to follow the correct procedure and have all the right permissions.

Here are some simple steps on how to keep the money you earn from monetizing your videos:

  1. Grow your follower count by building a loyal and engaged community of subscribers. Create videos that appeal to your specific audience. You should grow your audience before thinking about monetization.
  2. Enable your channel for monetization and connect your YouTube channel to an Adsense account. This allows you to get paid.
  3. Learn about the different kinds of videos and the different ad formats.
  4. When uploading a video, choose “monetize with ads” and choose which ad formats and videos you want.
  5. The key to making sure you can keep the money you make is by using music and elements in your video that you own or that you’ve purchased outright. The easiest way to get around this is to use royalty free music.

What if I get a copyright claim for music license from Adrev?

If Adrev sends you a copyright claim for music license, there are a few things you can do. If you got the music directly from the musician or composer, you should ask them to remove the claim. Make sure you save any emails or contact that you had with them where they give you permission to use their music.
If the creator of the music doesn’t get back to you, you can contact AdRev directly and show proof that you have permission. Your last option is to dispute the claim with YouTube, but this is usually a last resort as it is the slowest method.

If you didn’t license or purchase the music directly, there isn’t very much you can do. Using music that you have no rights to and monetizing on it is illegal. Your best bet is to remove your video and re-upload it with no music, purchased music, or royalty free background music.

How do I avoid getting into trouble with Adrev?

The easiest way to monetize your videos with no copyright issues is to use royalty free background music. It is free to license, you own it as soon as you download it so there are no discrepancies, and if you choose a source like Gerry Music, you are guaranteed a wide variety of high-quality music in multiple genres.

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